Layoff/Closure Assistance

“When I was informed that we were closing I felt lost. Finding out about the opportunities that Workforce Connection and the other agencies had to offer helped me to feel confident that I can get on the right path and doors will open up.”

-Benjamin Castillo, former displaced worker.

Free layoff assistance for all Fresno County Employers and their employees! 

We want to help your employees find new jobs.  Change is stressful and losing valued employees is difficult.

Our Rapid Response Program is designed to help employers make layoffs less traumatic for their employees and less costly to their business.  In the case of layoff or closure, our Rapid Response Team, comprised of six core organizations, are there to help soften the impact – by providing customized, confidential, and convenient on-site services for businesses in transition.

EMPLOYER Benefits:

  • Lower unemployment insurance costs
  • Increase employee morale
  • Reduce the likelihood of work disruptions
  • Improve public relations
  • Lessen potential liability from wrongful termination suits

EMPLOYEE Benefits:

Information on:

  • How to post resumes and view job
  • Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • Educational and training opportunities
  • Information on health benefits and pensions
  • Public Assistance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Credit counseling, debt management, and housing alternatives

Let our Rapid Response Team help you and your employees.

For more information, please call Martha Espinosa at 559-490-7147.

“We were able to fill our Operations Coordinator position with the help of the WorkForce job fair put on for displaced employees.  I appreciate all you and your team do!”

–Cassie Alvarez, WestCare