Funded by the Fresno Regional Workforce Development Board, the Business Services Center (BSC), offers a variety of services for local businesses — all at no charge!

Recruit, Train, and Retain!

Connect with an experienced Business Services Coordinator who will assist you with:

  • Securing qualified, pre-screened job candidates to meet your hiring specifications and goals.
  • Coordinating and customizing recruitment events, as appropriate.
  • Locating labor market information and current Fresno County employment projections via the Fresno County Employment Studies.
  • Collecting information such as wage data to build your job descriptions.
  • Upskill training for your employees to retain talent.

Industry and Issue Specific Consultants through Fresno4biz.com

Need expert advice in a specific industry or problem area?  The BSC, in partnership with twelve local public/private organizations, have united to create Fresno4biz.com to help your business find solutions. At your finger tips, you can easily access information on assistance for your start-up company, tips on how to expand your business, layoff aversion and business transition strategies, one-on-one assistance with your business questions, and much more.

HR Hotline

1 844 431 4848. No-Cost hotline for immediate confidential advice and guidance from certified human resource professionals at Sierra HR Partners to assist with business inquires, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.  Topics can range from hiring and employee questions, to compliance and regulations, background checks, leave laws, discrimination and harassment, ect.

Layoff Aversion and Transition Strategies

Learn how our Rapid Response program can help your business if you are considering layoffs and/or closure.  Depending upon your business situation, our team will work with you to develop transition strategies and explore avenues to avert the layoff or closure. And, in the unfortunate event you have to layoff staff or close, our team is ready to assist you in making the situation less traumatic for your employees and less costly to your business.